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Delousing products arrive in time for new school year

Hogil Pharmaceutical's A·200 brand of lice treatment products are available in multiple-treatment kits or as individual components. The A·200 Treatment Kit addresses a range of concerns in combating head lice: Included are the 4-oz A·200 Shampoo, A·200 Lice/Nit Removal Comb, and a 6-oz A·200 Lice Control Spray. The comb includes a built-in magnifier and has a tooth spacing of .0004 inches. The spray addresses household needs by killing lice on carpets, upholstery, and bedding. Active ingredients are 0.33% pyrethrins and 4% piperonyl butoxide in the shampoo; pyrethrins are used in the spray. A·200 lice products are available at chain drug stores. Information on these products can be found at .

Place mat promotes dining safety

Neat Solutions, Inc., created the Table Topper Place Mat for parents who are concerned about the health of their children when eating meals away from home. The Table Topper provides a barrier between the child's hands and mouth and potentially dangerous microbes on tabletops—as well as preventing table messes. For information, visit .

Ulster Scientific device is in hot water

The ScaldSafe warning disk from Ulster Scientific tells parents and caregivers when the water of a bath, shower, or basin is at a safe temperature for babies and children. Available in three different warning levels—93.2° F, 102.2° F, and 116.6° F—the plastic disk turns bright pink if the water exceeds that temperature. The disk can remain in the water for constant monitoring. When the ScaldSafe disk is cooled, it returns to its original color and can be reused. For information, call 845-255-2200.

Mail-back program for disposing of medical waste

Stericycle, specialists in managing medical waste, have developed Mail-Back Program, a containment and disposal program for medical waste in sizes ranging from one quart to five gallons, providing holding space for 20 to 750 needles in single or multiple container packages. Each pack contains FDA–approved sharps containers, absorbent material, a red plastic liner, tracking forms, and a postage-paid shipping container with instructions. For information, call 800-355-8773.

Diabetes monitor also measures blood ketone levels

Abbott Laboratories has begun offering Precision Xtra, a blood glucose monitoring system that also measures ketone levels in children, adolescents, and young adults with Type 1 diabetes. According to the manufacturer, Precision Xtra is the only home glucose monitor that can also measure ketones. A test strip allows for blood application using an end-fill/top-fill design. Compact (height, 4 inches; length, 2.22 inches; width, slightly less than 1 inch), the monitor presents results on a backlit display panel and requires two AAA batteries. Information is available at .

Mighty MED to children's rescue!

Mighty MED and the Health Avengers are cartoon characters designed by Atlanta physician Alfred Martin, MD, to entertain and teach children about important health-care issues, including infections, allergies, and smoking. The characters

battle the evil INFECTO and his henchmen as they offer their health messages. Plans are to have the characters appear on television, in print, on the Web, as plush dolls, in video games, and in puzzles. The Mighty Med Web site, , was launched recently. For more information, pictures, and character image files, contact Mike Dendy or Dr. Martin at 404-667-8220 or

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New Products. Contemporary Pediatrics 2002;8:138.

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