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Raising Baby made easier

The Tucker Sling is designed for a baby who needs to be elevated at an angle in his crib. The sling allows the baby to be positioned in a prone, supine, or lateral position. A diaper-shaped section fits around the baby and is attached to a contour sheet that stretches over the raised end of the mattress. Adjustable Velcro strips help make a comfortable fit and can be adjusted as the baby grows. The Tucker Sling is available in several machine washable fabrics. For information, call 800-780-7479 or visit .

Manufacturers update formulas for infants

Infant formulas used in approximately 60 countries outside the United States contain two fatty acids naturally present in breast milk, both believed to foster neurologic and visual development. With clearance from the Food and Drug Administration, two US manufacturers are reconfiguring their formulas to include those compounds, docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and arachidonic acid (AHA). Mead Johnson Nutritionals has introduced Enfamil LIPIL, which will be available in stores in April. The new formula derives its added fatty acids from marine algae, a source that has been declared safe by the FDA. For information, call 800-BABY-123 or visit .

Ross Products Division of Abbott Laboratories is still in discussions with the FDA on the DHA–and ARA–containing formulation of its existing product, Similac With Iron. They expect to have the product for sale in stores soon. For information, visit .


Crib raises an alarm to prevent a fall

For situations in which a child is at risk of falling out of a crib, Hard Manufacturing Company has designed a child- and parent-proof crib that protects against such accidents. The side rail of the crib locks when raised and sounds a buzzer if the side is raised, yet not locked in place. The crib uses magnets and sensors in the alarm, which sounds for 90 seconds, remains silent for a minute, and then sounds again in a cycle that repeats until the crib side is locked. For information, call 800- 873-4273 or visit .

Washcloths gentle enough for newborns

Nice 'n Clean Newborn Washcloths are small, disposable, moist paper towels designed to be mild enough to use on an infant's skin. Free of alcohol and fragrances, the hypoallergenic wipes are pH balanced, giving them a soft feel for sponge baths or diaper cleanup. Nice 'n Clean Newborn Washcloths are available in resealable packs of 24 from Professional Disposable International. For information, call 800-999-6423 or visit .

Children: Control your aggression!

An interactive CD-ROM called Play Nicely trains caregivers of children 1 to 7 years old to control the children's desire to hit and other aggressive urges. The program, developed by Seth Scholer, MD, MPH, pediatrician and injury researcher at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, teaches children to manage anger and control aggressive impulses. Feedback from experienced teachers and child-care workers has been integrated into the content of the CD-ROM. Cost: $15 plus $3.50 shipping and handling. Visit for information and to order a CD; or order directly from Teaching Treasures, 7124 Somerset Farms Dr., Nashville, TN 37221.


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