New Products

Recently-released tools for pediatricians and parents.

Let baby sleep with this thermometer

The Kidz-Med Thermofocus 5-in-1 is a non-contact thermometer that uses infrared technology to scan the forehead to check for temperature. Simply point the device at the child's forehead and core body temperature is displayed within seconds. A nine memory function allows the user to store readings. If necessary, temperature can be taken from the navel or armpit as well.

Here's a scale that helps you assess for overweight

Tanita's BC-418 segmental body composition analyzer/scale allows practitioners to better determine a patient's health risks associated with overweight. The device's hand grips enable it to calculate regional body composition of the trunk, arms, and legs. It provides a detailed printed analysis of body composition, giving weight, percentage of body fat, body mass index, and other measurements. The scale also introduces a proprietary formula to calculate basal metabolic rate.