New Products: exam table paper, baby bottles, nasal plugs


Profiles of exam table paper, baby bottles, nasal plugs.


A tissue-free way to plug up nasal passages

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Ruled exam table paper to make measuring of infants fast

Measure Me Baby Products has developed a set of lined and ruled paper, in 35-inch segments, so each baby can be quickly assessed for height without using a tape. Boxes to write in weight and current percentages are there, too. Hand the marked-up sheet to parents afterwards for a keepsake of the visit.

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Sanitize a bottle with no fuss, muss, or soap

The hands-free Hygenie USA Portable Sanitizer takes a bottle from unclean to clean in 7 minutes, without any soap and water. It uses fluorescent UV lights combined with a release of ozone gas to wipe out any living things that may reside on the bottle or the plastic nipple. It's available in green and pink, and does not emit any dangerous ozone, only oxygen.

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