New Products: Safety shirts, sharable breast pumps, and a magic trash can


Three profiles of a magical waste basket, a reusable breastpump, and a t-shirt that helps prevent food allergies.


A multi-user breastpump

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A cleaner way to toss trash

Actually, it's an infrared sensor, which flips open the lid when it detects movement within 10 inches of the can. The cans are battery powered, and have been tested to get 10,000 opens before the battery needs to be changed.

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A fashionable way to stop food sharing

Alert Clothing's line of t-shirts, long-sleeve tees, and cloth bags should make things clear. "No food sharing - thank you!" they say. The message is available with a choice of 12 crayon-drawn characters, from princesses and ladybugs to cowboys and spaceships. They're available in toddler sizes.

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