Pearls from the trenches: Part 3

In this third of 4 articles, Dr Farber shares more wisdom gleaned from years of practice.

In 2 previous collections of my pearls of wisdom for pediatricians, I have shared many practical but relatively unknown tips, some common but erroneous beliefs, and many myths that relate to pediatric medicine. I have presented evidence-based practices as well as those backed by common sense-in this case, mine. This third article addresses more facts about babies and children that parents and pediatricians sometimes forget, which might cause a physician to miss a diagnosis or treat something that is not a disease.  

I believe that sharing what I have learned through my years of practice helps all of us who care for children to become better at our jobs.  


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Dr Farber is a pediatrician in Woodbridge, Virginia. He has nothing to disclose regarding affiliations with or financial interests in any organizations that may have an interest in any part of this article.