Product: Maico Diagnostics Ero-Scan

Maico Diagnostics Ero-Scan serves as a otoacoustic emission and tympanometry screener.

Audiometers typically require patient cooperation, and therefore can only be used with children ages 3 and older. However, the Ero-Scan device can be used with children of any age, with testing completed in minutes. The hearing screening uses a protocol of four frequencies, and the diagnostic test uses a protocol of up to 10 frequencies, followed by tympanometry when indicated. The equipment is automated and provides easy-to-read (and easy-to-interpret) results.

The combination system sells for about $7,000, but reimbursements frequently are as much as $65 or more for OAE testing, and $25 for tympanometry, so the purchase price can be recouped in a relatively short time. At present, this is the only combination OAE-tympanometry system on the market.