Products: Phreesia Pad & Healthy Advice Network

Phreesia Pad & Healthy Advice Network are both less costly alternatives to electronic health records.

Another free device worth consideration is PhreesiaPad (, a handheld wireless tablet that help parents fill out registration information and sign HIPAA forms. The device provides offices with legible registration, medical history information, and provides parents with both sponsored and non-sponsored health information. Upon a patient's return, all medical information and contact information is confirmed. At every visit, the PhreesiaPad queries parents about changes in their child's medications and medical history, and asks the reason for the visit. Physicians and staff may access, organize, and print data via a secure Web-based portal.

But want sound with your video? A competing free service called KidCareTV (, provides a waiting room LCD TV with audio. It shows a wide selection of brief but informative sponsored educational videos for parents.