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Thank you to clinical reactors

Thank you to our clinicians who review our articles before publication in order to ensure that the final product meets practitioners' needs as well as possible.


Thank you

Clinical reactors

If you like what you read in CONTEMPORARY PEDIATRICS and find it relevant to your practice, much of the credit belongs to the people listed here. These clinicians review our articles before publication in order to ensure that the final product meets practitioners' needs as well as possible. Our editorial board and staff editors greatly appreciate their suggestions and helpful comments, and their generosity with their time.


Linda L. Adatto, MD

Paula Algranati, MD

Seth David Ammerman, MD

David H. Austein, MD

Joseph H. Banks, MD

L. Stewart Barbera, MD

Joseph D. Becker, DO

John Benjamin, MD

Dennis R. Boardman, MD

Bradley J. Bradford, MD

R. Alan Brinson, MD

Roy E. Brown, MD , MPH

Don Buchanan, MD

William L. Bush, MD

Frank W. Butera, MD

B. R. Chekka, MD

Dan Coble, RN, MSN

S. J. Cohen, MD

Jerome T. Combs, MD

Stephen P. Combs, MD

William Conkling, MD

Edward E. Conway, Jr., MD

Joseph F. Curi, MD

W. David Dawdy, MD

James M. DeMasi, MD

Jon E. Dennis, MD

Ronda Dennis-Smithart, MD

Albert F. DiNicola, MD

Lawrence A. Elfman, MD

Debra Esernio-Jenssen, MD

James Eusebio, MD

Theodora Ewusi-Mensah, MD

Jacob K. Felix, MD

Gerald M. Fendrick, MD

Joan S. Fine, MD

Raymond W. Flanders, MD

Nicholas K. Fowler, MD

Leonard R. Friedland, MD

Dorothy J. Ganick, MD

Gregory L. Garvin, DO

Harry L. Gewanter, MD

Chris W. Goff, MD

Paul J. Goldberg, MD

Brian Goldstein, MD

Harold M. Gordon, MD

Umesh P. Goswami, MD

Stanley E. Grogg, DO

Monesha Gupta, MD

Michael J. Harkness, MD

Norma J. Hazelbaker, MD

Jacob Hen, Jr., MD

Marc S. Jacobson, MD

Leonard J. Janchar, MD

Jerri Jenista, MD

M. Bruce Jenkins, MD

G. O. F. Jensen, MD , MPH

Alain Joffe, MD

Harvey Kagan, MD

Stanley Karp, MD

Barbara Katz, MD

Stephen Katz, MD

Robert S. Kebler, MD

S. K. Khare, MD , MPH

Doron Kochman, DDS

Walter Kuhl, MD

J. Parker Kurlinski, MD

John J. Lamar, MD

Richard Lander, MD

Peter Lazarus, MD

Joyce Leifer, MD

Michael K. Levine, MD

Leonard Levy, MD

Lisa S. Lewis, MD

Harris Lilienfeld, MD

Jerome L. Lipin, MD

John Lowe, MD

Melinda A. Lucas, MD

Marty L. Martin, Jr., MD

William J. Miner, MD

Howard C. Mofenson, MD

Ronald A. Nagel, MD

Richard A. Nelson, MD

Robert J. Nelson, MD

Elisa Nicholas, MD , MSPH

JoAnne Nielsen, MD

Peter A. Noronha, MD

Oscar Novick, MD

Richard L. Oken, MD

Ambadas Pathak, MD

Joseph Piacentine, MD

Susan R. Pintar, MD

Sharon Pool, DO

Kathleen M. Reardon, MD

Andrew Ritz, MD

William B. Rogers, MD

Harry Romanowitz, MD

Lawrence Rosenberg, MD

Marvin B. Rosenthal, MD

Ira S. Rubin, MD , PhD

Hari Sachs, MD

Meir Salamah, MD

Samuel O. Sapin, MD

Neil Schlackman, MD

Joel Schwab, MD

Charles A. Scott, MD

B. Bhushan Sharma, MD

William G. Sharrar, MD

Donald L. Shifrin, MD

Charles H. Staab III, MD

Virgil S. Steele, MD, PhD

Joseph C. Stegman, MD

Mitchell E. Stern, MD

Victor C. Strasburger, MD

John H. Sumners, MD

Arnold L. Tanis, MD

Lyn Taylor, MD

Michael D. Terranova, MD

Claudia Thomas, MD

Terry W. Torgenrud, MD

Vladimir A. Tsesis, MD

Don C. Van Dyke, MD

Marc D. Wager, MD

Carol Wagner, MD

Richard Wahl, MD

Muhammad Waseem, MD

Horst D. Weinberg, MD

Allan R. Weisshar, MD

James R. West, MD

James W. Wheless, MD

Sandra Wiederhold, MD

Stephen B. Witover, MD

Jerry M. Wortzman, MD

Kenneth N. Wyatt, MD

H. Taylor Yates, Jr., MD

William M. Zurhellen, MD


Thank you to clinical reactors. Contemporary Pediatrics 2001;11:122.