Use common sense for dermatologic concerns

September 1, 2017
Jon Matthew Farber, MD

Dr Farber is a pediatrician in Woodbridge, Virginia.

Dr Farber shares 8 common sense tips for handling dermatologic concerns.

1. ­Parents are often told not to use lotion on newborns as it can block their pores. I do not know of any evidence in support of this statement. That having been said, I do tell parents that the lotion will probably do more for the parents than the infant, as the newborn skin will smooth out on its own in a few weeks.

2. ­Clobetasol 0.05% for 6 weeks can be tried for alopecia areata.1

3. ­Terbinafine is good for Trichophyton tonsurans, griseofulvin for Microsporum.2

4. ­Topical sirolimus can be used for facial angiofibromata in tuberous sclerosis.3

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5. ­Tretinoin has been reported to be useful for stretch marks, but the evidence is not convincing.4

6. ­Baby acne (in the first few weeks of life, not in older infants) may be a yeast infection. Ketoconazole may help,5 but it usually will not be needed.

7. ­Perioral dermatitis is a known complication of prolonged steroid use. I have seen this in a child who was taking an inhaled steroid for asthma, using a spacer with a mask. This condition will improve if the steroid is stopped, but it may take some time. Topical erythromycin, which is inexpensive, may help.6

8. ­Eczema is often better felt than seen. Discolored but smooth skin is usually not active eczema but postinflammatory.


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