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Read up on the science behind vaccines, and also the arguments made against them.

Most parents feel a regret when their baby stops breastfeeding, or moves from a bottle toa cup. Understandably, that feeling isn’t as pronounced when they toilet-train theirchild, and don’t have to deal with wipes, creams, squirming toddlers, or a dreaded diaperblowout. “Getting it right the first time” is the topic of a new Contemporary Pediatrics podcaston toilet training. For children who don’t easily take to the seat, training is often a struggle.Advice on the subject is as easy to come by as hiccup remedies, and unfortunately about aseffective. These links offer some scientific research, some old wives’ tales, and some dubiousclaims-in other words, the same mix parents get bombarded with.

The Allied Vaccine Group:


Autism And Vaccines Theory:

http://www.cdc.gov/od/science/iso/concerns/mmr_autism.htm .

Addresses the possible connectionbetween autism and vaccination.

CDC’s Vaccines And ImmunizationPage:


Designed to be the mostcomprehensive vaccine site on theInternet. This replaces CDC’s previousNational Immunization Project site at

Childhood Immunization SupportProgram:

http://www.cispimmunize.org .

Run by the American Academyof Pediatrics.

“Deadly Immunity”:

http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/story/7395411/deadly_immunity .

The 2005 Rolling Stone articleby Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. thatdrew prominence to the thimerosalautismtheory.

Every Child By Two:

http://www.ecbt.org .

Cofounded by former first ladyRosalynn Carter in 1991, to ensureall of the 11,000 babies born in theUS every year are fully immunizedby age two.


http://www.aviron.com/products/flumist/index.asp .

Sponsor: Aviron. Disease: Influenza.

Frequently Asked Questions AboutImmunization:


From KidsHealth.com, whoseinformation is reviewed by MDs.


http://www.cdc.gov/od/science/iso/concerns/mmr_autism.htm .

Sponsor: Merck. Disease: HPV.



MedlinePlus’s page on immunization.

Immunization Action Committee:


In addition to the advocacy Web site,IAC publishes the periodicals NeedleTips, Vaccinate Adults, and VaccinateWomen.

Influenza Vaccine AvailabilityTracking System:

http://www.ama-assn.org/ama/pub/category/16919.html .

Created to address the sadly regularflu shot shortages.