Web links: Lab test links

Links to information about common lab tests, which let patients and parents know what will happen to them.

ACBC, a "chem gas," a BUN? This alphabet soup of nicknames makes simple concepts seem foreign. The next time a patient or parent seems put off by an OGTT or a Holter, these explanations may help.

A1C test (aka glycated hemoglobin or HbA1c): http://www.diabetes.org/type-1-diabetes/a1c-test.jsp/
From http://Diabetes.org/

BUN test: http://www.med.umich.edu/1libr/aha/aha_bunitest_crs.htm
From the University of Michigan Health System.

Cholesterol, HDL, LDL, and triglycerides tests: http://www.chp.edu/CHP/P01593/
From the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh.

Complete blood count (CBC): http://www.thechildrenshospital.org/wellness/info/parents/22759.aspx/
From Colorado's Children's Hospital.

Computer tomography (CT) scan: http://rileychildrenshospital.com/parents-and-patients/programs-and-services/radiology-ct-scan.jsp
From Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis.

C-reactive protein test: http://my.clevelandclinic.org/heart/services/tests/labtests/crp.aspx/
From the Cleveland Clinic.

Echocardiogram (ECG or EKG): http://www.cincinnatichildrens.org/health/heart-encyclopedia/diagnostic/echo/echo.htm
From the Cincinnati Children's Hospital.

Electroencephalogram (EEG): http://kidshealth.org/parent/general/sick/eeg.html
From Kids Health.

Fecal occult blood test: http://www.ucsfhealth.org/adult/adam/data/007008.html
From the UCSF Medical Center.

HIV rapid testing: http://www.childrenshospital.org/clinicalservices/Site1849/mainpageS1849P14sublevel20.html
From Children's Hospital Boston.

Holter (or event) monitoring: http://www.childrensnyp.org/mschony/P01799.html
From Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital of NewYork-Presbyterian.