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Web links: Pediatric seizure info

April 1, 2007

Not every child who has a first or second seizure will have a third, but some some will. These sites will hopefully help an epileptic child grow up to be the next Socrates, Van Gogh, or Dostoyevsky–all of who had epilepsy as well

Key Points's Kid Zone:
A much-needed site that explains seizures to kids, teens, and parents.

The Epilepsy Foundation:
Dedicated to the over 3 million people with epilepsy in the US.

The Neurology Channel:
This Web site has information on everything from Bell's palsy to vertigo.

Pediatric Stroke Network:
Two-thirds of infant stroke survivors will have neurological problems.


UCLA's Pediatric Epilepsy Project:
Location: Los Angeles.

OHSU's Pediatric Neurosurgery:
Location: Portland, Ore.

Stanford Epilepsy Center:
Location: Stanford, Calif.

UCI's Pediatric Epilepsy Program:
Location: Orange, Calif.

UCSF Children's Hospital: http://
Location: San Francisco.

LPCH's Pediatric Neurosurgery:
Location: Stanford, Calif.

WU's Pediatric Epilepsy Center:
Location: St. Louis.

University of Chicago's Comer Children's Hospital Pediatric Epilepsy Center:
Location: Chicago.

University of Chicago Children's Hospital Pediatric Epilepsy Center:
Location: Chicago.

Cleveland Clinic Neurological Institute: http://
Location: Cleveland.