Web links: Sports medicine info

A list of resource links for sports medicine information.

Children are more likely to be active, thanks to school and extracurricular sports programs. Add to that the increasing number of sports heroes who treat their bodies like pincushions for better performance, and the number of kids with sports-related injuries is growing. This month's cover story (see p. 49) discusses many of the common hand and finger injuries you might encounter. These links can help you tell your patients how to minimize the chance of injury, and how to recover if they do pull a hammy or break a bone.

ACL Sprain/Tear: http://www.nationwidechildrens.org/GD/Templates/Pages/Childrens/SportsMed/SportsMedLongContent.aspx?page=4220
An informational page from Nationwide Children's Hospital of Columbus, Ohio.

The American College Of Sports Medicine: http://www.acsm.org/
Founded in 1954 in Indianapolis, ACSM boasts 20,000 members around the world.

Canadian Association Of Sports Medicine: http://www.casm-acms.org/
Founded in 1970 in Ottawa.

Bicycling/In-Line Skating/Skateboarding Safety: http://www.lpch.org/DiseaseHealthInfo/HealthLibrary/safety/whlhub.html
An informational page by Lucile Packard Children's Hospital of Stanford.

Concussions: http://www.barnesjewish.org/orthopedics/default.asp?NavID=4257
An article from Barnes Jewish Hospital of St. Louis.

Dislocations: http://www.childrensnyp.org/mschony/P02756.html
An informational page from the Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital of New York, NY.

Female Athlete Triad: http://www.chkd.org/HealthLibrary/Content.aspx?pageid=PS032
An informational page from the Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters in Virginia.

Fitness And Sports Nutrition:http://nirc.cas.psu.edu/links.cfm?area=500
A resource page from Penn State's Nutrition Information and Resource Center.

Growth Plate: http://www.cincinnatichildrens.org/research/div/orthopaedics/growth.htm
An informational page from Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center.

Heat-Related Illnesses: http://www.chop.edu/consumer/your_child/wellness_index.jsp?id=-8450
An informational page from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.