Web links: Teen sexuality info

Puberty: it is the best of times, it is the worst of times. Emotional levels roller-coast from peaks to troughs. Adults are often seen as enemy interrogators: A teens' job is to reveal as little as possible. Different churches and different schools teach and preach dissonant views on sex. However, that shouldn't stop adults from communicating with teens-or at least trying. Some teens need to know that everyone is not having sex, that it is fine to wait. Some need to be told ways to make sex safer. Some may even need a basic lesson in the "birds-and-bees." These sites offer advice, guidance, and perspective to both you and teens.

AAP's Puberty Page: http://www.aap.org/family/puberty.htm
Written for teens, by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Abstinence Clearinghouse: http://www.abstinence.net/
A site for information on abstinence education.

Advocates for Youth: http://www.advocatesforyouth.org/
A interest group pushing to give teens the information they need to make responsible sexual decisions.

All About Puberty: http://www.kidshealth.org/kid/grow/body_stuff/puberty.html
A KidsHealth.com page for children on the verge of their body changes.

Contraception Online: http://www.contraceptiononline.org/
An online resource for clinicians, researchers, and educators.

Facts Of Life: http://www.factsoflife.org.uk/
A British site explaining the changes in a boy's or girl's body. Run byNestle.

Focus Adolescent Services: http://www.focusas.com/
A clearinghouse of information for caregivers of teens with issues, and the teens themselves.

NCCSE: http://www.ncsse.org/
The National Coalition to Support Sexuality Education backs plans that teach comprehensive sexual education, not just abstinence.

Puberty 101: http://www.puberty101.com/
A site run by Virginia's GovTeen.gov program-for teens and by teens.

Scarleteen: http://www.scarleteen.com/
Scarleteen's operators believe that the current abstinence-focused school sex-ed courses do not address real-world issues, and exists to give information beyond "don't."