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Hope is not something that parents should have to lose about their son or daughter. But when a child grows dependent on drugs or alcohol, tough-love parenting and support of friends, family, and pediatrician may not be enough. These treatment centers for young people can't promise results, and they can be devastatingly expensive. But for parents who cannot give up on their children, it's a step they'll have to take. Learning about these centers can help you make sure the parents and child don't go it alone.

National Youth Network: http://www.nationalyouth.com/
A network of educational and treatment centers for a variety of problems teenagers could face, including substance abuse.

Wilderness Therapy Treatment Program: http://www.wildernesstherapy.org/
An unbiased charity designed to help children find the right treatment program. Not sponsored or affiliated with any program.

Youth Substance Abuse Centers

Echo Malibu: http://www.echomalibu.com/index.php
Location: Malibu, Calif.

Recovery Happens: http://www.recoveryhappens.com/
Location: Fair Oaks, Calif.

Visions: http://www.visionsteen.com/
Location: Malibu, Calif.

Sage Walk: http://www.sagewalk.com/
Location: Redmond, Ore.

Catherine Freer: http://www.cfreer.com/
Location: Albany, Ore.

NorthStar Center:
Location: Bend, Ore.

Outback Treatment: http://www.outbacktreatment.com/
Location: Lehi, Utah.

Kolob Canyon: http://www.kolobcanyonrtc.com/
Location: Murray, Utah.

Passage to Recovery: http://www.passagetorecovery.com/
Location: Loa, Utah.

Sunhawk Academy: http://www.sunhawkacademy.com/
Location: St. George, Utah.

Pine Ridge Academy: http://www.pineridgeacademy.com/
Location: Draper, Utah.

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