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Busy PNPs and their fellow pediatric-focused APRNs recognize how important, yet sometimes difficult it is to maintain current clinical practice in a rapidly changing healthcare environment. NAPNAP is pleased to announce our new partnership with Contemporary Pediatrics.

Busy pediatric nurse practitioners (PNPs) and their fellow pediatric-focused advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) recognize how important, yet sometimes difficult it is to maintain current clinical practice in a rapidly changing healthcare environment. Finding appropriate evidence, interpreting changes in clinical practice guidelines and understanding controversies related to pediatric health care are just some of the challenges we face in our quest to provide the highest quality care to children in many different healthcare settings. Behind the scenes, the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (NAPNAP) has been investigating ways to provide additional resources for members and is responding to results of the recent membership survey when pediatric practitioners asked for more practice resources at a cost of…FREE!

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with Contemporary Pediatrics in offering some brand new member benefits!  This partnership symbolizes a mutual growing interest to serve the nurse practitioner community and, indirectly, children and families.  NAPNAP members will now receive free access to the digital version of Contemporary Pediatrics and the Contemporary Pediatrics mobile app. Each month, members will receive an e-alert when the latest digital edition is available. In that same email, you’ll receive instructions to download and use the mobile app.  In addition, we are pleased that our partners at Contemporary Pediatrics will be hosting this PNP Corner. Throughout the year, we will post information here about our association, member, and pediatric healthcare highlights and links to NAPNAP’s key resources for pediatric APRNs.

We congratulate NAPNAP member and PNP, Dr. Donna Hallas who has been named to the Editorial Advisory Board of Contemporary Pediatrics and will provide commentary on each month’s digital edition in the e-alert, making it even easier to decide what to read and review in the journal. Dr. Hallas and others will also share ideas and information here in our PNP Corner. For instance, next month, be sure to check back here for information about our 37th National Conference on Pediatric Health Care in Atlanta, March 16 to 19, 2016.  Don’t miss these great information opportunities!

As you know, Contemporary Pediatrics has been a respected pediatric journal for many years, providing expert clinical advice for practitioners through monthly literature reviews and critiques in its Journal Club, clinical case study and discussion of unique and unusual presentations, and current pediatric healthcare news.  Check out the dermatology case studies, news about health-related technology, and articles about mental health issues affecting children and adolescents. There is usually something of interest for everyone in this monthly journal.

We hope you will take advantage of these new member resources! NAPNAP is The Leader in Pediatric Education for Nurse Practitioners, and this newest endeavor demonstrates an even deeper commitment to the ongoing learning needs of you, our members-and to other pediatric APRN professionals!


NAPNAP President

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