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Guarana in energy drinks

Thanks for the article in the May '07 issue on energy drinks. It has been one of my pet peeves lately, especially since I have a 15 and a 12-year-old in the house. A few thoughts-one is the relative high cost of these drinks. The companies must be making a huge profit. It seems to be another way for teens and adults to be separated from their money.

Also, when comparing caffeine content, does the listed amount include the estimated content in guarana? And has there been any thought or study on these high-caffeine drinks as a "gateway" to stimulant abuse (or even ADHD medication)?

Dear Dr. Martin,

Thank you very much for your comments regarding my article on energy drinks. Regarding your comment on the financial implications, yes there are many corporations making huge profits on the sale of energy drinks. Parents are faced with paying the high costs of such drinks, which have a potential for many different effects on the organism.

In response to your two questions

Once again, thank you for your interest in our work.

Sincerely, Sandra F. Braganza, MD, MPHAssistant Professor of PediatricsChildren's Hospital at MontefioreBronx, N.Y.