Author | Golder N. Wilson, MD, PhD


Unusual Skin Elasticity, Joint Hypermobility, Violaceous Plaques in 3 Different Patients: What’s Your Diagnosis?

April 12, 2012

Digital extension; joint hypermobility; skin elasticity with keloid scars; pectus and scoliosis from skeletal flexibility and deformation; these disparate symptoms and findings point to what diagnosis?

Infant with Hypotonia, Hypogonadism, and Developmental Delay

March 09, 2012

Low muscle tone, delayed motor milestones, and failure to gain weight. The mother was 38 at the time of delivery, but nothing else is noteworthy about this 9-month-old.

History of Cough in an Infant and a Toddler

January 05, 2012

A 6-month-old boy with 1-week history of dry cough that worsened at night. He had been wheezing off and on for the past month and had visited the emergency department on one occasion.

Toddler With Microcephaly, Growth Delay, and Subtle Facial Changes: What Diagnosis Besides Strabismus and Developmental Delay?

October 26, 2011

A 2-year-old girl has been followed for developmental delays and slow weight gain by her pediatrician and early childhood intervention therapists. The 17-year-old, first-time mother was also a runaway and had avoided early prenatal care. More details and questions for you, here.