John W. Harrington, MD



Bilateral Tibial Hemimelia

September 01, 2008

Both autosomal dominant and recessive patterns of inheritance have been proposed.2 Bilateral tibial hemimelia has also been associated with CHARGE syndrome and Langer-Giedion syndrome and may be linked to several loci on chromosome 8.4,5

People-First Language

August 01, 2008

The easiest way to explain what "people-first" language is might be to examine what it is not. We can do this by considering commonly accepted uses of titles that we may hear every day-usages such as "Coach Pat" or "Doctor Bob."

Complementary or Alternative Therapies: Can They Help a Child With Autism?

October 01, 2007

As the father of a child with severe classic autism--and as a pediatrician--I understand how much parents want to try different treatment approaches to help their child. Many parents ask me about complementary (or alternative or holistic) therapies, such as restrictive diets, secretin, chelation, and omega-3 supplements. Some inquire after hearing claims that a particular diet or supplement or herb can work wonders. Others ask about these therapies after reading studies on the Internet, in magazines, or in newspapers.

Benign Macrocephaly

September 01, 2007

This 21-month-old toddler was brought for a well child visit. His head had been large since birth; at this visit, head circumference was 51 cm (significantly above the 95th percentile). Neurological findings were normal; except for some early developmental gross motor delays, he was on a par with his peers. All other physical findings were normal. His mother's head circumference is 59 cm and his father's is 64 cm.