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Meera Varman, MD


Neuroblastoma in a Child With Persistent Hip Pain

May 01, 2009

A 4-year-old boy presented for further evaluation of persistent right hip painof 2 months’ duration. Before the onset of the pain, he had been limping,favoring his right side. For several days before he was brought in forevaluation, he had had fevers and sweating in addition to the right hippain.

Torticollis and Fever: A Case of Grisel Syndrome From Group A Streptococcus Infection

August 01, 2008

A previously healthy 2-year-old boy was hospitalized after 2 weeks of persistent fever (temperature to a maximum of 38.9C [102F]) and a 2-day history of neck stiffness. There was no history of cough, rhinorrhea, or dysphagia. The oropharynx could not be examined because of neck stiffness. The patient had bilateral anterior cervical lymphadenopathy.

Tularemia in a 4-Year-Old Girl

February 01, 2008

During spring vacation, a previously healthy 4-year-old girl visited western Nebraska, where she and her family spent time along a river bank in a wooded area. After 4 days, her mother noticed 3 engorged ticks embedded in the child's scalp. The ticks were immediately removed and burned. The child also had a marble-sized swelling on the right side of her neck. Over the next few days, the child had temperatures that spiked to 39.4C (103F), with chills, generalized malaise, and weakness. There was no history of cough, myalgias, or headache.