Author | Michael G Burke, MD


Montelukast treatment for asthma raises risk of a neuropsychiatric event

August 12, 2019

Children who are prescribed montelukast for managing their asthma are nearly twice as likely to experience a neuropsychiatric event as asthmatic children who are taking other asthma maintenance medications.

Using an asthma self-management tool improves outcomes

August 08, 2019

Children with asthma who use a web- and mobile–web-based self-management tool show high and sustained self-monitoring and improved asthma outcomes, a study in asthmatic children showed.

Sunscreen ingredients are absorbed systemically

August 06, 2019

Applying sunscreen as often as manufacturers recommend results in plasma concentrations of sunscreen’s 4 active ingredients that exceed the threshold for safety concerns established by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), according to a recent study.

Web-based tools educate parents about fever

July 09, 2019

Parents who use a web-based educational tool to boost what they know about measuring and managing fever gain significantly more knowledge than parents who follow solely written and verbal instruction, according to a trial in caregivers of children with fever.