Author | Rachael Zimlich, RN, BSN


Children with cow’s milk allergies smaller, lighter than peers with nut allergies

July 03, 2020


A retrospective study reveals that children with cow’s milk allergies—and the restrictive diets they must follow—may negatively impact their growth and development in comparison to their peers with other food allergies.

Study suggests new strategies to combat peanut allergies bring both progress and controversy

July 02, 2020


There are a number of ways clinicians can tackle peanut allergies, but allergy screening and early peanut exposure are still up for debate.

Drop in autism by ethnicity, class may not be what it seems

June 30, 2020


A recent study investigates what is causing ASD to drop in wealthy, white California.

Researchers test simplified assessment for neonates with opioid exposure

April 29, 2020


A simplified assessment could determine the need for medications to treat opioid withdrawal in neonates more quickly.