Catch up on research from the 2021 ADA conference


Didn't attend the 2021 American Diabetes Association conference? Here are 5 must-read articles on key sessions.

How low socioeconomic status influences disparities in diabetes care

A variety of sociodemographic characteristics feed into the disparities found in pediatric diabetes care. This session addressed the role that socioeconomic status has in those disparities.

Metformin improves cardiac and aortic parameters in adolescents with type 1 diabetes

The drug metformin has been used to help children control their type 2 diabetes. Research provides insight into what it might be able to do for children with type 1.

How early childhood nutrition influences future cardiometabolic risks

The impact of nutrition in the first years of life on future cardiometabolic health has been generally understood, although gaps about certain populations remain. This session sought to fill the gap for Native American children.

Can food insecurity lead to poorer type 2 diabetes outcomes?

Food insecurity is a problem for many families, particularly those who have been hard hit by the pandemic. This research examined how it might impact children with type 2 diabetes and what it could mean for glycemic control.

The future of pediatric type 2 diabetes

The session looked at the results of a number of studies including RISE consortium, the SEARCH study, and the TODAY study, as well as examining the link between the prevalence of child obesity and type 2 diabetes.

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