Dermatology round-up


Check out these dermatologic cases as well as take a look at dermatologic signs of COVID-19

Dermatologic concerns are a common cause for a pediatric visit. Contemporary Pediatrics has rounded up some interesting dermatologic cases. We also have a review of the signs of COVID-19 on the skin.

Progressive plaque in a 9-year-old boy

Anxious parents present their healthy 9-year-old son for evaluation of a slowly enlarging plaque that began developing on his lower back 3 months ago.

Bully bullae in a toddler spreads across the body

You are asked to evaluate a healthy 19-month-old boy with a history of recurrent blisters on his arms and legs for over a year that have now spread to his face. The blisters scab over quickly, ulcerate, and heal with post-inflammatory pigmentary changes.

Dermatologic findings associated with COVID-19 in pediatric patients

COVID-19 has been seen as primarily a disease impacting the lungs, but more of the body's systems have been shown to be impacted by the disease. Here's a look at how the disease impacts the skin.

Boy’s anxiety leads to hand rubbing, biting

A healthy 11-year-old boy presents for evaluation of thick skin over the metacarpal and proximal interphalangeal joints on his right hand.

Persistent birthmark grows on a toddler’s back

The parents of a healthy 20-month-old boy ask for advice about a birthmark on his lower back. The lesion is asymptomatic and has grown proportionately with their son.

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