If a fetus with DS has a normal OB-US, how useful is further screening?

Contemporary PEDS JournalNovember/December 2023
Volume 40
Issue 10

The study evaluated whether fetuses with Down syndrome and normal obstetric ultrasounds (OB-USs) had missed diagnoses of critical congenital heart disease (CHD) by conducting a retrospective review.

Investigators addressed this question by evaluating whether any diagnosis of critical congenital heart disease (CHD) was missed in a group of fetuses diagnosed with Down syndrome (DS) that had normal obstetric ultrasounds (OB-USs).

They conducted the retrospective chart review in 48 children diagnosed with DS who had undergone an OB-US that resulted in no cardiac concerns and had a fetal echocardiogram (F-echo).

Postnatal transthoracic echocardiograms (pTTEs) also were reviewed, when available. OB-US was performed at 20 weeks’ gestational age and F-echo at 24 weeks’ gestational age.

No patient with a normal OB-US who also had an F-echo had a diagnosis of a critical CHD, defined as any CHD that required catheterization or surgical intervention before 1 month of age.

Among those patients who also had a pTTE, 14 were diagnosed with CHD, largely characterized by septal defects and minor valve issues. F-echo correctly diagnosed 4 of the 14 diagnoses OB-US missed.

Investigators noted that although no critical CHD was missed on OB-US, some patients received postnatal diagnoses of CHD, and even F-echo did not demonstrate 100% sensitivity in detecting CHD.


If a reliable obstetrician did not detect any prenatal heart issues in a fetus with known trisomy 21, it should not be necessary to do further cardiac testing in utero.

Postnatal echocardiography still is indicated in the nursery, however.

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Taylor K, Lovelace C, Richards B, Tseng S, Ogunleye O, Cua CL. Utility of screening fetal echocardiograms at a single institution following normal obstetric ultrasound in fetuses with Down syndrome. Pediatr Cardiol. 2023;44(7):1514-1519. doi:10.1007/s00246-023-03183-0

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