In case you missed it: December 7 to December 11


It was a very busy week for the Contemporary Pediatrics team.

This week’s top articles included:

How cannabis can impact driving impairment

Teenagers all over the United States have been taught to not drink and drive, but ongoing legalization of cannabis can add a new wrinkle. An investigation examines just how much cannabis could impair driving.

Do vaping devices impact frequency of cigarette smoking in young adults?

Originally marketed to help adults quit smoking, electronic nicotine delivery systems have also been seen as a way of getting teenagers hooked on nicotine. An investigation offers some insight.

Segmental form of mosaic neurofibromatosis 1

A healthy 16-year-old girl presented with asymptomatic lesions she had at birth. Examination revealed a 15 cm well-demarcated light brown hyperpigmented background patch localized to the right inguinal skin-fold and, within it, café-au-lait macules and patches, greater than 1.5 cm, with diffuse freckling.

Will the COVID-19 cloud change pediatric medicine forever?

With the United States still in the throes of a pandemic, nearly 400 pediatric health care providers share their struggles in getting patients back to the office, advocating for a COVID-19 vaccine, and working their way toward optimism in the face of the biggest health care challenge of their lives.

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