In case you missed it: February 21 to 25


A look at what the Contemporary Pediatrics team covered this week.

This week’s top articles included:

Gun violence in schools and on the streets

Gun violence is an issue with many causes and will require solutions that address mental health and poverty.

How many young kids are meeting screen time guidelines?

Guidelines recommend that children have no screen time if they’re younger than 2 years of age and just 1 hour per day from ages 2 to 5 years, but with many devices making screen time a fact of life in many homes, how many families are following that guidance?

What factors are linked to severe COVID-19 in children?

A large cohort study offers important data on what factors are frequently tied to severe cases of COVID-19 in the pediatric population.

Painful red lumpy leg

A healthy 4-year-old boy presents with painful deep-seated bumps on the front of his right leg. He also complains of a sore throat for the last 4 days. What's the diagnosis?

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