In case you missed it: January 11 to January 15


It was a very busy week for the Contemporary Pediatrics team.

This week’s top articles included:

Looking at the variations in catching hearing loss

Catching hearing loss early is key to helping a child achieve optimal outcomes. However, a new report examines the variations that can occur for diagnosing and treating.

A case of terra firma—forme dermatosis

During the evaluation of a healthy 7-year-old boy, an asymptomatic brown “dirt-like” rash is found on the anterior neck. It has progressed over the last 2 months and does not clear with routine bathing and aggressive scrubbing by his mother with soap and water.

Age of exposure to household dysfunction could be linked to future adverse outcomes

A report examines whether the age a child is exposed to dysfunctional behavior in their homes was linked to future adverse outcomes.

Study examines if ASD increases substance use disorder risk

An investigation examines whether children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are at increased risk of substance use disorder.

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