Quick hits from AAP 2020


A collection of our bite size coverage from the 2020 virtual American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) National Conference & Exhibition.

As always, the 2020 virtual American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) National Conference & Exhibition offered a wide variety of educational opportunities in early October 2020. Here’s what the Contemporary Pediatrics team covered during the conference weekend.

Separating traumatic stress from other mental health issues

Traumatic stress can be difficult to diagnose. A presentation offered insight on how to effectively find the diagnosis.

How to help prevent chronic school absenteeism

Regular school attendance is important, not only to academic success, but future health outcomes. This session discussed insight into how pediatricians can help keep students in school.

Maintaining adolescent confidentiality in care

Adolescents can raise questions of confidentiality and consent to care. Here’s how 2 health care systems walk the line to protect their adolescent patients’ right to privacy.

Providing necessary care to transgender teenagers

Puberty can be scary for any teenager, but for the transgender teenager it can be an absolute minefield. A presentation shed light on how to provide appropriate, necessary care to this population.

Managing headache with a tiered approach

Headache may be one of the most recognizable health concerns, but managing it may not always be clear. Here’s a tiered approach to aid in management.

Climate change and pediatric infectious disease

Dr. Saul R. Hymes discusses how climate change directly impacts infectious disease in children.

Tool can aid clinicians in discovering and assessing suicidality

For children experiencing suicidality, a quick and accurate assessment can mean a world of difference. This tool can help clinicians.

Tackling parental concerns about chemicals in vaccines and the home

We may have grown used to chemicals being a part of everyday life, but some will cause many parents to worry. Here’s some guidance on how to address these concerns.

Watching out for eating disorders in kids and teens

Eating may become disordered for some pediatric patients. A presentation gave guidance on how to identify and manage eating disorders in pediatrics.

10 tips for using technology to promote health

Technology can often seem like it’s only a source of problems. The session offered 10 ways that technology can help promote health.

How to overcome discomfort with the genital exam

Genital exams to determine whether a patient has been abused or for some other reason can cause discomfort in many pediatricians. Here’s how clinicians can overcome this fear as well as what the clinician should do to prepare for such exams.

Keep an eye out for congenital cytomegalovirus

Catching congenital cytomegalovirus can help improve the outcomes for affected children and this presentation shared insights on screening and treating the infection.

Practice marketing that won’t break the bank or need lots of time

Marketing the practice may not be what strikes passion for many pediatricians, but it doesn’t need to be a source of worry.

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