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Case In Point: Subconjunctival Hemorrhages in a Teenage Boy

November 01, 2006

A 13-year-old Hispanic boy presented to emergency department with a 1-day history of red eyes. The eye changes were not associated with vision changes, increased tearing, discharge, pain, fever, or trauma.

Pediatric Chest Pain: Keys to the Diagnosis

August 01, 2006

Chest pain in children evokes anxiety in patients and their parents--and prompts frequent visits to the pediatrician's office, urgent care facility, or emergency department (ED). In a prospective study, Selbst and colleagues reported that chest pain accounted for 6 in 1000 visits to an urban pediatric ED.

Photoclinic: Eosinophilic Granuloma

July 01, 2006

A 12-year-old African American boy presented to the emergency department with a painless swelling on the left side of his head that had gradually progressed over a month. There was no history of pain, trauma, or fever. Findings from a review of all other systems were normal.

Genetic Disorders: 4-Day-Old Boy With Multiple Abnormalities

September 01, 2005

A 4-day-old boy was transferred to our institution for evaluation of multiple anomalies. He was born to a gravida 2 para 1 mother at 38 weeks of gestation. He weighed 3288 g at birth. Antenatal ultrasonograms at 5, 6, and 7 months had revealed short bones in the legs. The mother was subsequently lost to follow-up--until now.