Michael G. Burke, MD

DR. BURKE, section editor for Journal Club, is chairman of the department of pediatrics at Saint Agnes Hospital, Baltimore. He is a contributing editor for <italic>Contemporary Pediatrics</italic>. He has nothing to disclose in regard to affiliations with


Journal Club: College athletes at risk for waterpipe tobacco smoking

February 01, 2010

Given that college athletes are up to half as likely as their peers to smoke cigarettes, investigators explored whether varsity, club, and intramural athletes also are less likely than nonathletes to engage in waterpipe smoking

Journal Club: Colic, snorers with high BP and lice killers

November 01, 2009

Journal research looks at elevated BP in children who snore, leading treatments for lice and cause of colic.

Journal Club: TV, TB, and how to say hello

October 01, 2009

A review of three articles, about media exposure's link to increased BMI, a better test for tuberculosis, and how parents may be put off if you don't greet them properly.

Journal Club: Sleep apnea, sexual abuse testing, and colic

September 01, 2009

Journal abstracts and commentary on articles abotu fighting sleep apnea, a less invasive way to test for STIs after possible sexual assault, and colic's relation to maternal depression.