Long-term video EEG monitoring has range of benefits in epilepsy

Contemporary PEDS JournalSeptember 2021
Volume 38
Issue 9

For monitoring epilepsy, long-term monitoring can be effective without requiring the time and cost of a hospital stay.

Long-term video electroencephalogram monitoring (LVEM) is beneficial not only from a medical perspective but also is helpful for children with epilepsy and their families, even when patients are ineligible for epilepsy surgery, according to study findings. The retrospective study, conducted in Germany, included 163 patients who underwent LVEM sessions with a mean duration of 5.4 days. LVEM confirmed a diagnosis of epilepsy in 147 patients (90.2%) and excluded the diagnosis in 16 (9.2%). Overall, LVEM results altered the diagnosis of 37.4% of patients, 20.8% of presurgical patients, and 52.3% of those not slated for surgery. In 64% of patients deemed ineligible for surgery, the clarification of epilepsy syndromes through LVEM resulted in medication adjustments. Three months after undergoing LVEM or surgery, 81 patients (45.4%) reported having either no or fewer seizures. In response to a questionnaire, three-quarters of families indicated that they considered LVEM helpful, with 45.8% reporting that the patient’s illness had improved since undergoing the monitoring.

Thoughts from Dr. Farber

The pandemic has forced us to reconsider the value of some hospital stays. Here is another area where home appears to be better: lower cost, less stress for families, and a longer period of monitoring are 3 obvious benefits, without apparently sacrificing quality.


1. Mann C, Willems LM, Leyer AC, et al. Benefits, safety and outcomes of long-term video EEG monitoring in pediatric patients. Eur J Paediatr Neurol. March 10, 2021. Epub ahead of print. doi:10.1016/j.ejpn.2021.03.006

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