Poll shows how parents prepare for their child’s well visits


A survey from the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health showed how parents get the most out of their children’s well visits.

A recent Mott Poll showed parents’ thoughts on well visits for their children, including the frequency and effectiveness of well visits.

During well visits, a child’s growth and development is assessed, and parents are given the opportunity to ask questions on how to keep their child safe and healthy. The C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health surveyed parents of children aged 1 to 12 years on their experiences with well visits.

A well visit for their child in the last 2 years was reported by 92% of parents, and 67% of parents reported their child consistently visiting the same provider during these well visits. Even if it leads to a long wait for an appointment, 47% of parents stated they would still schedule with their child’s regular provider, with 34% saying their child was more likely to follow advice if it came from a provider they knew well.

When asked how often they prepare questions for the provider, 25% of parents said they do so often, 54% sometimes, and 21% never. In comparison, 21% often write down information about their child’s health changes, 48% sometimes, and 31% never.

To gather information to discuss with providers, 14% of parents said they often search online, 48% sometimes, and 38% never. Additionally, 11% of parents reported often arranging for a family member or friend to join them on the well visit for support.

To prepare their child for a well visit, 40% of parents reported often addressing their child’s fears, 42% sometimes, and 18% never. Meanwhile, 25% often offered rewards for cooperation, 45% sometimes, and 30% never.

Parents of children aged 6 to 12 years would also ask their child to come up with questions to ask their provider, 22% often, 47% sometimes, and 31% never.

Providers were rated as excellent for knowing their child’s history by 57% of parents, for answering all parent questions by 65%, and for giving realistic recommendations for the family by 58%. Parents were more likely to rate a provider as excellent if their child always saw the same provider.

Eighty-one percent of parents remembered filling out questionnaires about their child during well visits. Of these, 93% understood the purpose and 74% reported receiving feedback on their child’s wellness.


Making the most of well visits. Mott Poll. January 23, 2023. Accessed January 23, 2023. https://mottpoll.org/reports/making-most-well-visits

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