Suicide ideation and suicide attempts are common in teens with mental health problems

June 09, 2020

Suicide has been on the rise in the pediatric population. Now a new report looks at the prevalence of suicide ideation and suicide attempts in teenagers and young adults with mental health problems.

Which kids get timely follow-up care after mental illness hospitalizations?

June 04, 2020

Follow-up after hospitalization for mental illness is a measure of quality care, but how many children and teenagers are getting timely follow-up? A new report investigates.

Does bullying of LGBTQ teenagers increase risk of suicide?

May 29, 2020

Bullying and suicide in the pediatric population have shown disturbing upward trends in recent years. A new investigation examines the link between the two among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) children and teenagers.