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Vol 35 No 7

Is that child with "penicillin allergy" really allergic?

July 01, 2018

Researchers at Wisconsin Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, found that 100 children who visited a pediatric emergency department (ED) with a reported history of penicillin allergy based on low-risk symptoms all had negative allergy testing for penicillin and all tolerated a penicillin challenge (500 mg of oral amoxicillin) without developing a severe allergic reaction. Penicillin allergy labels were removed from these children’s hospital medical records.

Boy with red bumps all in a row

July 01, 2018

The worried mother of an 11-year-old boy arrives at the office for evaluation of an asymptomatic bumpy rash that appeared suddenly in his right groin a month ago, and that has now extended all the way down to his right ankle. What's the diagnosis?

Parents are most likely to accept vaccines when you assume they will

July 01, 2018

When you approach a parent who is hesitant about vaccinating her infant at the appropriate well-baby visits, perhaps you say something like this: “Well, we have to do some shots.” Or you might say, “How do you feel about vaccines today?” The former strategy (a “presumptive” approach) is more likely to be effective than the latter (a “participatory” approach), according to a study in parents whom a standardized survey classified as being hesitant about vaccines.

How long are new mothers at risk for postpartum depression?

July 01, 2018

New mothers may develop postpartum depression (PPD) at any time during the first year after giving birth, an analysis of monthly depression screening data showed. Furthermore, the highest rate of positive screens-23%-was at 12 months postpartum.