Top 5 autism stories in 2022


We revisit some of last year’s top articles about autism spectrum disorder.

5. Diagnostic observation schedule not necessary for autism diagnosis in children

When comparing the rate of diagnoses for autism spectrum disorder given clinically to those given through the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS), consistency between the 2 methods was found. Read more.

4. Telehealth’s calming effect on autism

Here’s how online appointments are lowering anxiety among patients and families. Read more.

3. Prenatal exposure to antiseizure medication and fetal autism

Prenatal exposure to the antiseizure medications topiramate and valproate may cause a significantly increased risk of neurodevelopmental disorders in offspring, according to a cohort study in JAMA Neurology. Read more.

2. Comparing recruitment modalities for parents of children with autism

A new study examined the effectiveness of different survey recruitment strategies when engaging parents of children with autism. Read more.

1. Examining the biopsychosocial explanations for gender disparities in autism

Recent research suggests females with autism may need their own set of parameters on which to be measured. Read more.

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