Karen Schechter, RHIA, MBA, CMPE


Why physician burnout must be addressed

There are ways to mitigate stress by managing its symptoms. However, there are also ways to lessen stress by preventing some of it in the first place.

Natalie Catalan, PharmD candidate


Advancements in FDA approvals for pediatric obesity treatment

GLP-1 receptor agonists, used to treat diabetes, are now also being used for obesity in children and adolescents.

Ann-Christine Nyquist, MD, MSPH, FAAP


State of the union on COVID-19

What we knew about COVID-19 when the pandemic began, what we know now.

Sarah York, RN


Annular scars with hyperpigmentation

An 18-month-old girl presents with ringed scars with hyperpigmentation on the right side of her buttocks and back. What's the diagnosis?

Sai Sowmya Javvaji, MD


Purpuric papules in a child with acute pancreatitis

A previously healthy 11-year-old boy presents with purpuric macules and papules symmetrically distributed on his buttocks and upper and lower extremities. What’s the diagnosis?

Diment Singh, PharmD


Recommendations for compounded hand sanitizers during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic led to a shortage of hand sanitizers and a push to make up the gap with compounded hand sanitizer ensued. Recommendations were released to ensure their efficacy.

Dana Suskind, MD


An interview with Dana Suskind, MD, author of Parent Nation: Unlocking Every Child's Potential, Fulfilling Society's Promise

Dana Suskind, founder and co-director of the TMW Center for Early Learning + Public Health, Director of the Pediatric Cochlear Implant Program, and professor of Surgery and Pediatrics at the University of Chicago in Illinois, discusses her new book, published by Dutton/Penguin, focused on how parents can raise children who are well-developed in their cognitive and socioemotional skills.

Zoe Bouchelle, MD


Adolescent in detention center presents with hallucinations

A 17-year-old boy with a history of anxiety was transported from a juvenile detention center for altered mental status, including hallucinations and agitation. What's the diagnosis?

Kori Flower, MD, MS, MPH
Kori B. Flower, MD, MS, MPH


Mental health is a part of checkups

Experts highlight the importance of mental health screening at well-child visits.

Giridhar Guntreddi, MD


A case of terra firma—forme dermatosis

During the evaluation of a healthy 7-year-old boy, an asymptomatic brown “dirt-like” rash is found on the anterior neck. It has progressed over the last 2 months and does not clear with routine bathing and aggressive scrubbing by his mother with soap and water.

Candice Jones, MD, FAAP


What is the appropriate age for a cell phone?

HCPs can provide resources to help parents make an informed decision.

Sarah Wypiszynski, MD


Vesical fissure in a newborn female: A variant of bladder exstrophy

During a newborn's initial examination, doctors discovered a non-erythematous, midline, suprapubic dimple located 5 cm below the level of the umbilicus. The remainder of the examination was unremarkable. On the second day of life, the newborn had a wet diaper with urine appearing to originate from 2 separate sources, including the dimple. What's the diagnosis?

Brooke Prince, MD | Image Credit: Author provided
Brooke Prince, MD


Dehydrated infant with fast breathing and sunken anterior fontanel

A 9-month-old girl with a history of grunting and poor weight gain for a few months is evaluated in the emergency department for dehydration and respiratory distress. What’s the diagnosis?

Ryan T. Fischer, MD


Clinical Pearls for the Management of ALGS

Experts in pediatric hepatology share advice for the optimal management of Alagille syndrome.

Pisespong Patamasucon, MD


A fever, liver abnormalities, and pancytopenia

A previously healthy 5-week-old former term newborn male presented to the emergency department with the chief complaint of fever ranging from 101-104°F for 2 days. He also had been fussy and not been eating well. The infant remained febrile despite his mother’s administration of Infant Tylenol every 4 hours at home. His mother denied any cough, rhinorrhea, bleeding or bruising, diarrhea, vomiting, and reported stool and urine had been normal. What's the diagnosis?

Ankita Prasad, DO


Hypothermia and abnormal eye movements in a 5-week-old infant

A 5-week-old female infant born at 38 weeks presents to her pediatrician with abnormal eye movements. What’s the diagnosis?

Marina Z. Joel, BS, MS2


Facial birthmark and new-onset seizures in infant

The parents of a 3-month-old girl seek medical advice regarding recent seizures and a facial birthmark. What’s the diagnosis?

Neelima P Theella, MD


Newborn with midline neck lesion

A 4-day-old boy with a midline neck lesion was born at term by normal vaginal delivery. After birth, mid line lesion had the configuration of a linear cleft with a cephalocaudal orientation, extending from the level below the hyoid bone to the suprasternal notch with a length of 2.5 cm and a width of 0.5 cm. What's the diagnosis?

Emma Batchelder, MD


Pleuropulmonary blastoma in an adolescent

A previously healthy 16-year-old female patient presents with intermittent pleuritic chest pain and shortness of breath. The night before her symptoms started, she hit her chest on a door after a "fainting" episode.

Amin J. Barakat, MD, FAAP


The history of vaccination

Sharing how vaccinations first began and were implemented can be a useful tool in educating families of their importance.

Janessa Maldonado, PharmD candidate


Navigating the current shortages of pediatric ADHD medications

Understand how to naviate the current shortage of pediatric ADHD medications.

Kayla M. Bridges, DCN, RD-AP, CNSC, FAND


Help parents navigate food trends and labels

Guidelines provided by the government and nutrition watchdog organizations can help practitioners teach caregivers about wholesome foods for their children.

Emily T. Cupelli, DNP, CPNP, BCB-PMD


Safe return to school: A call to action

As fall approaches, one of the biggest questions is: Can children return to school and be in classroom environments that assure health and well-being for all?

Elaine M. Apperson, MD


Approaching Prevention and Management of Diabetes

Dr Elaine M. Apperson shares diabetes prevention strategies and mitigating disease complications in the pediatric population as well as advice for health care practitioners managing the disease.

Paul A. Offit, MD


Take-Home Points About COVID-19 Vaccines for Pediatric Patients

Dr Muller and Dr Offit provide take-home messages about COVID-19 vaccines for pediatric patients.

Sheela N. Magge, MD, MSCE


Obesity in children and the impact of COVID-19

As we begin to emerge from the national lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many pediatricians may find that the already widespread problem of youth-onset obesity is worse than ever.

Zeena Mestari


Sun-safe practices in different pediatric patients

Caregivers and parents should feel empowered to protect their children with sun-safe practices that include sunscreen, sun-protective clothing, and sun-safe activities.

Joshua A. Jakum, MD, FAAP


Mental health concerns in student athletes after injury

What are the psychosocial implications when a student athlete can no longer play their chosen sport?

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