Patty Riskind, MBA


Overwhelmed and understaffed: Alleviating call volume for primary care practices

The days of “bad ‘bots” are behind us so put smart virtual assistants to work in your practice to reduce call volume, deliver self-service options to patients and improve operational efficiency.

Lauren Massaro


Low probability of developing long COVID in children

While the study detected a rise in chronic symptoms among children who developed post-COVID-19 condition, the likelihood of initial development was minimal.

Rebekah Bernard, MD


How to recognize and help a physician colleague in emotional distress

Although it may be hard for us to admit, physicians face the same types of mental health conditions as our patients.

Hope Rhodes, MD, MPH


How are our children doing right now?

Two pediatric health care providers assess the mental and academic health of our pediatric population as we mark year 3 of the pandemic.

Chris Mazzolini


Regulation needed for health care AI

Good machine learning practices’ are needed to address the unique social, legal, and ethical concerns potentially raised by artificial intelligence (AI).

Sarah Lowry, MD


Eating habits of children during COVID-19

Disruptions to routines and economic troubles have affected the diets of families. Here’s how to foster better nutrition.

Dermatology Times Staff


Caregivers worry about impact of severe acne on teens

More than 90% of respondents to a recent survey expressed concern about acne’s effect on their adolescent’s mental health and social life.

Fernanda Bellodi Schmidt, MD


Teenage boy with asymptomatic brown plaque on back of thigh

An adolescent boy developed an asymptomatic brown plaque on the back of his leg. He recently noted the growth of coarse hairs within the lesion.

Arshia Madni, MD


Pediatric palliative care: What the general pediatrician needs to know

Get to know the essentials of pediatric palliative care.

Joshua Zeichner, MD


Take-Home Points

Joshua Zeichner, MD; Brittany Craiglow, MD; Elizabeth Swanson, MD; Vikash Oza, MD; and Raj Chovatiya, MD, PhD, provide take-home messages for dermatologists treating pediatric patients with atopic dermatitis.

Piper Sandel, MD, MPH | Image Credit: Author provided
Piper Sandel, MD, MPH


Neonate experiences coffee ground emesis

The infant did not show signs of illness; her mother experienced a routine pregnancy and prenatal lab test results were normal. What is the diagnosis?

Rutvik Joshi, PharmD, BCPS


Recommendations for compounded hand sanitizers during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic led to a shortage of hand sanitizers and a push to make up the gap with compounded hand sanitizer ensued. Recommendations were released to ensure their efficacy.

Skylar Jeremias


Pandemic offers insight into potential cause of Kawasaki disease

Given the high prevalence of Kawasaki disease during the pandemic, Japanese investigators determined that droplet or contact transmission of pathogens is likely not a major route causing the development of the disease.

Patty Weasler, RN


Helping children with ADHD readjust to in-person learning and socializing

Now that all children have returned to in-school learning and playing with their peers, some practical solutions to help those with ADHD achieve optimal academic and social success.

Michelle L. Leff, MD, IBCLC | Image Credit: Author provided
Michelle L. Leff, MD, IBCLC


Neonate experiences coffee ground emesis

The infant did not show signs of illness; her mother experienced a routine pregnancy and prenatal lab test results were normal. What is the diagnosis?

Siddharth Gupta, MD


Adjunctive medications for epilepsy

Examining 2 of the medications that can be used as an adjunctive treatment for epilepsy.

Lorerky Ramirez-Moya, MD


Telehealth’s calming effect on autism

Here’s how online appointments are lowering anxiety among patients and families.

Josh Weiner


Improving patient experience to tackle "The Great Resignation"

Staffing shortages and patients’ expectations for high-touch care go hand-in-hand in today’s unconventional market.

Lisa Hunter Romanelli, PhD


Helping pediatric families through the holidays

For this first holiday season of live events since COVID-19 hit, tips on how to address a broad spectrum of mental health issues, including those children who have lost a loved one to the pandemic.

Sophia Abene


WHO report highlights challenges and progress in combatting HIV, hepatitis, and STIs worldwide

This report underscores the increase of STIs alongside the ongoing global epidemics of HIV and viral hepatitis in the Americas and African regions.

Tracy Nguyen, PharmD candidate


Navigating the current shortages of pediatric ADHD medications

Understand how to naviate the current shortage of pediatric ADHD medications.

Cary M. Wright, MD, MS | Image credit: Author provided
Cary M. Wright, MD, MS


Swollen, purple, blistered thumb leads to diagnosis of herpetic whitlow

You are asked to evaluate a boy, aged 14 years, who presents with one week of tender, expanding, confluent, purple blisters on his swollen left thumb, extending under the thumbnail.. What is the diagnosis?

Mary Scoviak


Master pain-free dermatology

Learn to discern the best pain-mitigation strategies for each patient, based on research and personal experience.

Justine Englanoff


Persistent foot and leg swelling in a 17-year-old female

A 17-year-old girl presents with a 2-year history of unilateral swelling of the left lower extremity as well as a poorly healed ankle sprain of the affected extremity 3 years prior that slowly resolved but left persistent swelling. What's the diagnosis?

Jared Robins, MD


Not just abortion: How the demise of Roe v Wade may impact fertility care

With the Supreme Court's overturning of Roe v Wade eliminating the constitutional right to an abortion, there are questions about its impact on fertility care.

Rola Aamar, PhD


Considering anger among health care professionals

It is an uncomfortable emotion that is often suppressed—but potent.

Jonathan Alicea


Disturbed sleep, depression may have bidirectional relationship through early years

The cohort study is the first to report developmental cascades between disturbed sleep and depressive symptoms throughout childhood and early adolescence.

Lois Levine, MA


How to talk to your teenaged patient about pregnancy and contraception

As teenagers become sexually active, are they fully educated on contraception and pregnancy?

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