Brian Iriye, MD


Considering consumerism in health care

Patients’ ability to choose can affect your practice.

Marco Meglio


Rural health care challenges go beyond a lack of doctors

Study finds financial, cultural barriers to care common among rural residents.

Nicolas Meade, MS


Untangling comorbidities in gender diverse children and adolescents

LGBTQ+ children and adolescents may be particularly vulnerable during these unprecedented times.

William F. Balistreri, MD


Clinical Pearls for the Management of ALGS

Experts in pediatric hepatology share advice for the optimal management of Alagille syndrome.

Marissa Fox


Using education to tackle parents' concerns about the flu shot

Educating families to alleviate fear in pediatric populations regarding the flu vaccine will improve the vaccination rate and protect high-risk children. Due to the negative effects of the flu in children with diabetes, it is vital that at-risk youth be vaccinated.

Emily Aron, MD


Helping first-year college students manage expectations and stress

As the first day of college looms for many students attending for the first time, pediatricians may be confronted with patients experiencing a range of emotions from excitement to stress and uncertainty.

Logan Lutton


Better Together program helps extinguish burnout for female physicians

Better Together is a professional, structured coaching program designed by female physicians to address the burnout that is disproportionately experienced by women in medicine.

Ophthalmology Times Staff


Children with vision impairment more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety

A study by Orbis International found that children with myopia experienced significantly higher levels of depression and anxiety than their peers without vision impairment.

Erin McCune


Lower-extremity nodules in a 2-year-old girl

A 2-year-old girl presents with an itchy, bilateral leg rash. Additionally, the child had several bruises that felt like "hard welts" and were warm to the touch. What's the diagnosis?

Nicholas Brownstone, MD


Novel triple-combination acne treatment shows early, significant results

Investigators explore the effectiveness of new combination therapies to address the multifactorial pathophysiology of acne vulgaris.

Alok Patel, MD


Help parents navigate food trends and labels

Guidelines provided by the government and nutrition watchdog organizations can help practitioners teach caregivers about wholesome foods for their children.

Ashley Gallagher


FDA approves Dyanavel XR for ADHD treatment in kids 6 and older

In a clinical study of healthy adults, Dyanavel XR tablets were deemed to be bioequivalent to amphetamine extended-release oral suspension in patients with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Devyani Chowdhury, MD, MHA, FACC, FAAP


Return to sports for adolescents and children after recovery from COVID-19

Coronavirus 2019 disease (COVID-19) is often mild, but can lead to cardiovascular harm. Ensuring the safe return to sports by affected children will be a necessity.

Sandy L. Chung, MD, FAAP, FACHE


The challenge of virtual learning

With the impending return to in-person learning, it is time to address the challenges and limitations children and families faced with virtual learning over the past several months.

Kirsten Saetre, DO


Altered mental state in a 2-year-old boy

A 26-month-old boy presents for mild altered mental status and balance issues following a fall the day before. There was no loss of consciousness or vomiting but he subsequently complained of left-sided head pain. What's the diagnosis?

Sarah Pitts, MD


Hormonal contraception’s effect on adolescent bone health

Hormonal implants are generally thought to be safe for bone, although whether a young adolescent would reach their genetically determined PBM while using a contraceptive implant is not known.

Luis F Seguias, MD


Chronic care management: Increase the value of your practice!

As primary care providers, pediatricians often manage children with multiple chronic conditions. Knowing how to code properly for chronic care management (CCM) of these patients will ensure proper reimbursement for CCM services.

Jocelyn Silvester, MD


A new diagnostic paradigm for celiac disease

Since the middle of the 20th century and into the 21st century, the incidence of celiac disease has been rising significantly throughout the Western world. Here is what you need to know about this autoimmune condition.

Jessica Y. Shim, MD


How to identify common pediatric vulvar conditions

Understanding signs, symptoms helps determine the best treatment regimen.

Victoria Johnson


Zolgensma yields 100% bulbar function response in presymptomatic SMA

All children included in the analysis achieved swallowing, oral nutrition, and airway protection outcomes.

Barbara J. Kuter, PHD, MPH


Vaccine development: What every pediatrician should know

This article discusses the process of vaccine development, and how health care personnel can confidently discuss the subject with parents and patients.

Jennifer M. Vittorio, MD


Clinical Pearls for the Management of ALGS

Experts in pediatric hepatology share advice for the optimal management of Alagille syndrome.

Randal De Souza, MD


Worsening acne after isotretinoin treatment in an adolescent girl

A healthy 17-year-old girl with inflammatory acne had failed to respond to topical tretinoin, benzoyl peroxide, and oral minocycline. What's the diagnosis?

Aine Cryts


Attracting staff during the great resignation

Strategies practices can use to attract skilled workers to their open positions

Nuthan Bhat


A case of shin guard dermatitis?

A healthy 14-year old boy was evaluated for an intensely pruritic shin rash that developed 2 weeks prior and had been treated with oral antibiotics for 10 days.

Todd Shyrock


Four factors that will likely affect health care in 2023

The health care industry will face myriad challenges in the coming year.

Christopher Reist, MD


Considering anger among health care professionals

It is an uncomfortable emotion that is often suppressed—but potent.

Joshua Fitch headshot
Joshua Fitch, Editor


Prevention strategies are key to child safety this summer

As children get set to head into the sun, grass, and water, now is the perfect time to remind patients and parents about best practices, treatments, and preventive measures.

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