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Alcohol Abuse

Two-question teen screening tool predicts future alcohol use, drinking problems

May 01, 2019

Adolescents who initially screened as being at highest risk for alcohol problems on a 2-question screen were more likely than their peers to have more drinking days and be at higher risk for alcohol use disorders at 1, 2, and 3 years after the screen, a large study showed. Participants were 12- to 17-year-olds treated for a non–life-threatening injury, illness, or mental health condition in 1 of 16 pediatric emergency departments.

Effect of cannabis and alcohol on cognition (VIDEO)

January 04, 2018

For Contemporary Pediatrics, Dr Bobby Lazzara discusses a population-based sample published in the American Journal of Psychiatry that followed 7th graders for 4 years and examined the effects of cannabis and alcohol on cognition.

Simple screen for alcohol use disorder

August 01, 2016

Asking teenagers how often they have consumed alcohol in the past year provides a simple screen for those at risk for alcohol use disorder (AUD), a study in 1193 adolescents in rural Pennsylvania showed.

"Club" Drugs 101

May 01, 2005

Over the past 5 to 10 years, there has been an increasing incidence of synthetic "club" drug or "designer" drug use that has quietly permeated the adolescent and young adult culture. This review of MDMA, also known as "Ecstasy," ketamine, GHB, and methamphetamine, provides a basic introduction to help practitioners get "up to speed."

When parents have a drinking problem

January 01, 2001

Parental drinking can cause a child to have problems in school, somatic complaints, or other difficulties. Pediatricians need to uncover alcohol addictions and tactfully and firmly steer parents toward appropriate help.