Recognizing the signs of depression in kids and teens

December 26, 2019

As the rate of suicide climbs, the ability to access shows like 13 Reasons Why without parental supervision grows, and social media pushes an impossible quest for perfection, it has become more important than ever for parents, caregivers, and educators to have a good understanding of what depression is and what the signs are.

Depression among kids with diabetes varies by diabetes type

November 13, 2019

Patients with diabetes have an increased risk of developing depression. A new study in Pediatric Diabetes, however, takes this one step further, suggesting that depressive symptoms among youths with diabetes varies by diabetes type. 

Becoming comfortable with diagnosing depression in pediatrics

October 30, 2019

For many of us in pediatrics, depression and other related diagnoses can present a challenge. Our counterparts who treat adults see and treat depression more often and are often more comfortable with both diagnosis and treatment. It's time to work on this.