Red papulonodule with central crusting on a neonate’s cheek

January 14, 2021

A newborn boy born via normal vaginal delivery at 38.6 weeks gestation to a 33-year-old G5P2022 mother presented at birth with an asymptomatic 8-mm red, papulonodule with central crusting on the right cheek . What's the diagnosis?

A case of terra firma—forme dermatosis

January 11, 2021

During the evaluation of a healthy 7-year-old boy, an asymptomatic brown “dirt-like” rash is found on the anterior neck. It has progressed over the last 2 months and does not clear with routine bathing and aggressive scrubbing by his mother with soap and water.

Segmental form of mosaic neurofibromatosis 1

December 08, 2020

A healthy 16-year-old girl presented with asymptomatic lesions she had at birth. Examination revealed a 15 cm well-demarcated light brown hyperpigmented background patch localized to the right inguinal skin-fold and, within it, café-au-lait macules and patches, greater than 1.5 cm, with diffuse freckling.